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Company profile

From the wisdom of succession planning to the tech savvy of the Millennial generation, MacMillan & Lawson Insurance Brokers Limited–Tru Partners Insurance Brokers, reflects the cross- generational structure needed today to keep small business alive and thriving.

With most employers faced with a possible mass exodus of retiring baby boomers, succession planning and mentoring programs are being developed and implemented by most large progressive employers. What about the small business owner? With no human resource department to set the path, how will the small business owner baby boomer negotiate the transition to retirement? Determined to forge a transition that acknowledges his contribution, values his acquired knowledge and embraces his desire to leave a legacy, baby boomer Doug MacMillan set out to create his own tailored made succession plan. Enter Gen Xers, Carmine Calvise and Ralph Olivieri of Tru Partners Insurance Brokers. MacMillan quickly assessed they are the required building blocks for a successful succession plan.

Calvise’s and Olivieri’s is a clandestine partnership recently formulated in response to MacMillan’s succession planning needs. The partnership blossomed after years of philanthropic work in which both Calvise and Olivieri played significant roles. Working on non-for-profit community projects gave each of them an unfettered view of the others values and work ethics. Working well and accomplishing much on a volunteer basis sparked the notion that a business partnership could lead to a satisfying and balanced work-life career.

What this cross generational trio brings to table is years of try and trued business practice relying on a selection of excellent products and relationship building. Way before social media was conceived, these three used the power of personal branding and relationship management to build a customer base that is, loosely speaking, a network of friends and extended family that have come to rely on each broker as a trusted and reliable advisor. Hamilton born and raised, this trio in each of their respective careers has acquired clients from across the Golden Horseshoe Region and the Greater Toronto Area.

The challenge for the new partnership of MacMillan & Lawson -Tru Partners is how to balance the business success between face to face relationship building (which is tried and true) and conducting business through the internet. The impact of social media influence on future business practice is not lost on this trio. They recognize that there is a necessity to develop the technological culture of the younger generation into their succession and info via on line. Time zone and location no longer matter and the younger generation can’t imagine doing business interactions any other way.

In recognition of this younger generational shift in business practice, the trio are prepared to move forward by balancing the team with the addition of a staff of younger Gen X and Gen Y. The partners are looking to them to contribute to the succession planning with their tech savvy and social media prowess. This Generation , unlike their fore fathers who relied on referral and trusted relationships, focus on purchasing the best product at the best price using social media to direct their purchases.

With this cross function team, MacMillan & Lawson -Tru Partners Brokerage is set to face succession plan and business goals well armed. At Tru Partners Insurance Brokers, we take the time to get to know you and your help identify all of your insurance needs. By making you a Partner in the process we help you understand all aspects of insurance and the products you are purchasing. We make sure you know exactly what you are paying for and how your policy works.

Our service doesn’t end with your purchase of insurance. We take the time regularly to review the details of your coverage with you, ensuring that you have the most comprehensive and competitive solutions. We keep you informed of current trends and developments in the insurance industry, so you are aware of any potential impact on you and your coverage. Of course, we are always available to answer any questions that you may have. You will get a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful professional every time you call our office!