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In the event of a wind storm

Here are some tips on what you should do in the event of a wind storm.

In the event of power outage

– If safe to do so, turn off all tools, appliances and electronic equipment, and turn the thermostat(s) for the home heating system down to minimum to prevent damage from a power surge when power is restored.

– Don’t open the freezer or fridge unless it is absolutely necessary. A full freezer will keep food frozen for 24 to 36 hours if the door remains closed.

Insurance coverage

– Most home and business insurance policies will cover damage caused by wind, including broken windows and removal of debris.

– Auto policies cover wind damage if comprehensive coverage has been purchased.
Homeowner’s and tenant’s policies usually provide coverage for additional living expenses if a home is uninhabitable resulting from an insured peril.

After a wind storm

– Secure openings to prevent further damage: board up broken windows, make any temporary repairs and place plastic sheeting to cover open gaps in walls and roofs.

– If your basement has been damaged by water or is flooded, do not enter unless it is absolutely safe to do so.

– Avoid direct contact with human waste, dirty water and electrical lines

– Turn off electrical power to the affected area if safe to do so

– Flooded appliances, electrical outlets, switch boxes or fuse-breaker panels should not be used until they have been checked by an electrician.

– To prevent a power surge, turn the thermostats up, wait a few minutes, then plug in the fridge and freezer back in. Wait 10-15 minutes before plugging other appliances back in.

– Check the food in your fridge and freezer for signs of spoilage. If in doubt, throw it out.